февраль 2004

The Academy ILEA

Maintain order everywhere

Аll policemen knows that

Peace & freedom they shouldn’t forget.


Don’t resist to be together

If u want to be ok

The ILEA everywhere

Sharing knowledge day by day.


My Ukraine most ancient country

I’m proud to live there

So Ukrainian policemen

Soaring higher in Roswell.


We are sharing our experience,

We improving skills together,

Therefore the world existence

Face to face to live in peace.


Collaboration between countries

With strong wishes to make better things

If cause to make an agreement

That we are all creating peace.


Police a part of society

We recognize that mission is:

Support security & freedom

Maintain order & keep peace.


I am grateful to ILEA

I want to thanks to Roswell

And we’ll remember this forever

Peace & freedom — the only way!

Про автора